Friday, January 9, 2009

Media Interviews

The following video is a result of Strata-G's work at IBS 2008 in coordinating and preparing our client, Vermont American, for an interview with DIY Network's hot new show, "Cool Tools."

One thing the recent presidential campaign season clearly demonstrated was that some individuals were much better on camera than others. This was simply a function of being better prepared.

Those who succeeded knew what the media wanted and were able to articulate what, exactly, made them successful, what they’ve done that’s different and what the real impact of their ideas or proposals would be on the community.

Not only that, they were prepared. They reviewed and carefully prepared their key messages, anticipated questions reporters would ask and crafted answers that enforced their key messages and most importantly, they rehearsed.

During the interview, they were expressive; their high energy negated draining qualities of video. They listened to questions and took their time before answering and they looked directly into the camera by using the interviewer as their anchor.

Whether you’re a politician or a company spokesperson, by using some of these simple, but important techniques, you will be better prepared to interact with the media.

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